Can I take CBD orally?

One of the challenges of CBD is that in its natural state as an Oil (hemp oil) only a small percentage (6-10%) is absorbed into your blood through your intestines. That means that you are wasting 90% of your money on typical CBD oil. To make it more absorbable, CBD must be made into a liposomal formulation, wherein the CBD is encapsulated in tiny lipid bubbles called liposomes. This is not so easy to do, and only a few manufacturers have the technology to do this.

Even more difficult is to make the liposomes small enough to easily penetrate through the lining of our mouths and into the blood stream. Only the best and highest quality formulations can do this. Unfortunately, many manufacturers falsely claim that their liposomes are small enough to accomplish this, but they don’t. Therefore, it is important that you chose only CBD whose liposome size has been scientifically verified, and whose “bioavailability” or “absorbability” has been clinically tested.