How fast will I feel the effects of CBD?

The speed at which a person feels the effects of CBD depends on: The extent of inflammation, the kind of inflammation, the locations of the inflammation, the source or cause of the inflammation…. And finally, how responsive your own physiology is.

Remember, the CBD does not work directly on inflammation, it turns on your body’s own anti-inflammatory machinery to make anti-inflammatory molecules.

In general, if someone is suffering from brain inflammation that is causing anxiety, PTSD, ADD and things such as brain fog, they are likely to begin experiencing the effects of CBD within 2 to 3 minutes. (over excitation of the brain’s Glutamate system). Often the effects are dramatic, producing a feeling of wellbeing and a clarity of mind that are truly amazing.

People with severe brain fog, mental fatigue, poor focus and loss of memory often require 2-3 weeks before the magic of CBD activating your natural endo-cannabinoid system will heal these symptoms.

People with symptoms associated with inflammation of the immune system, such as auto-immune conditions such chronic pain like fibro-myalgia my also require 2-4 weeks to experience the healing effects of CBD.

The bottom line is this: Every human has the endo-cannabinoid system to combat inflammation. Therefore, we all need CBD to activate the system. So, no matter how fast or slow your physiology responds to good quality CBD, stick with it. You need it. Your health and wellbeing is dependent on controlling over inflammation in your body.